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Buying a house may seem like an endless series of critical, important decisions. When you find the house that is right for you, you need to find a home inspector to educate you about the condition of your new home. This is a common practice and a wise decision, even when buying a newly constructed home.

The home inspector evaluates the structures and systems of the home: heating, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, roofing  and more. At the end of the process he provides you with a written report. Home Inspections are not mandatory but many people make a professional home inspection a condition of their Offer to Purchase.

Getting a Home inspection is not a guarantee that you will not have problems later but it is definitely safer than not getting one at all. A home inspection will give you insight to the condition of the home for systems that aren’t immediately noticeable and  may find problems which will affect your decisions in the buying process. You can incorporate the costs of these repairs into your offer price or you can insist that these repairs be done prior to closing.

The cost of a Home Inspection  is minimal as compared to the investment you are about to make but the additional peace of mind that it offers is invaluable. Approximate Cost is between $300 and $500

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